I use the L&R Varimatic machine with the ultrasonic attachment.  It is an old machine, but is still very serviceable.  A fair bit of mechanical knowledge is required to keep these old machines running, and many of them out there need some sort of service.  L&R no longer services or supports these units, understandably so due to their age.  I decided to post the information that I have for the benefit of other owners.


All of these units leak oil to some degree, as there is really only one seal in the main piston that raises the motor.  So, my solution has been to put a layer of plastic on top of the ultrasonic bottom, with 2 layers of paper towels on top of that.  This works for about a year or two then you'll need to replace the paper towels.  But, it will prevent oil from leaking all over the ultrasonic unit.


I have done a fair bit of repairs to my unit over the years, but I do not know much about troubleshooting the ultrasonic part.  I hope that some other owner can contribute some practical information on how to repair the electronics.  If you know how to do this, please send me an e-mail and I will post your recommendations here.


Owners Manual for L&R Vari-matic / Varimatic Automatic Watch Cleaning Machines.  This includes a variety of older automatic machines, including the Model C.  Also included are specific instructions for repairing the hydraulic system.  Installation and schematics for the ultrasonic model 204 are also included.  These appear to be similar, but not identical, to the model UU.  A parts list is at the end.


L&R Varimatic Owners Manual




I hope to add more resources to this page.  I would like any information someone can add regarding the testing and repair of the ultrasonic units.

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